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Data is the lifeblood of almost all businesses, containing the intellectual value of millions of man hours and years of research, effort and initiative.

Yet all too often that data can be discarded at the end of life of the equipment it has lived on and, whilst the equipment may be old and tired, the data is often not and its loss can have disastrous consequences.

Charterhouse Muller are a leading UK specialist in digital asset management, ensuring that your business is protected from data loss, software wastage and disposal compliance, through our No Compromise process.

A systematic approach to
IT retirement

Redundant IT equipment usually looks like a mass of grubby boxes, so sorting the wheat from the chaff requires a rigid system to ensure data security, compliance and value optimisation. CM’s process and STATS reporting has been developed over 20 years to deliver exactly that.
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Delivering total

Data loss is the biggest risk of IT redundancy and the greatest potential cost to any organisation. Our No Compromise process ensures that data loss is impossible. If we cannot be certain that a machine is 100% data cleansed, we destroy the data- bearing components.
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Tracking data on internal devices is hard enough but as data goes mobile, the challenges multiply. We have developed processes and logistics support to manage any mobile device securely and efficiently, from anywhere in the UK.
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